Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Handmade Pottery by Gabi

Please view my artwork in Clay 
Everything is handmade either on the wheel 
or hand built.
we have a nest somewhere

the witch
Unglazed and unfired
Painted, Fired and Glazed
Another Frogpot

Christmas Decoration
A cover for the letterbox post
Several Dog Water Bowls finished
My hanging Citronella Oil Lamps

Magnetic Butterflies on our fence
A water bowl for Karlee

Christmas order for Kids plates

Einige Schuesseln fuer Kinder - Some bowls for children
 Eine fuer Caspian - One for Caspian

Melonenschale - Melonbowl
Was fuer den Garten - Something for the garden

The diver-tile was a project of the Belmont Potters Club where everyone made a tile about their interest beside pottery. Back then I was Scuba diving.

Here comes the artwork I made while in Germany

Made in Germany from